4.15 Kühle Kastanie


Define the shade that you can apply for an optimal result

  • 1Click on your
    natural colour
  • 2Do you have
    grey hair?
  • 3The Shade you can apply for an optimal result

    If you already have blond highligths, we do not guarantee the colour result if you apply*: 4.6 Deep Red, 6.60 Intense red, 3.16 Deep violin.
    If you have previously coloured your hair with a light shade, we do not garantee the colour result if you want to apply a darker shade.
    For more information, please contact our call center or organize a one-to-one consultation video live chat with a Olia Expert who will accompagny every step of your colouring process.
    Cannot decide between 2 shades? Always choose the lightest.

    Olia 4.15 Kühle Kastanie

    Olia 4.15 Kühle Kastanie

    60% Öl*. Ohne Ammoniak.

    Une puissance couleur maximale. Couleur d’exception, riche, pure et fidèle. Couvre 100% des cheveux blancs* Tenue longue durée Éclaircissement jusqu’à 3 tons Améliore visiblement la qualité du cheveu* Effet anti-rèche et anti-terne Confort optimal du cuir chevelu, Application sensorielle unique *Tests instrumentaux

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